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And earn US$50 commission for each successful referral

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The Prodygia Affiliate Partner Program allows you to market our platform to your network and get rewarded. 

We'll give you a US$50 commission for each new subscription you bring in.  

We firmly believe in the power of affiliates to help grow the business organically and sharing success based on results.  

How To Join

Fill out a simple form

Click here for the form. You must be a current Prodygia member to qualify. Submit your first name, last name and email address in the form. 

Receive your affiliate link and instructions

We'll follow up with you within 24 hours. In your introductory package you'll get a special link which will let us know when the referral comes from you. 

Share the link with your audience

Up to you how you want to promote Prodygia and the link with your users. Drive traffic, update them about new features or encourage them to sign up for a free trial. You know best what messages will resonate with your network. 

Track conversions and receive a commission based on results

A successful subscription occurs when your referral completes the free trial and officially begins one of the three susbcription plans. The referral is considered successful at the beginning of the second month since we institute a 30-day money back guarantee for the first month. 

You Might Be Wondering

Why share Prodygia with your network? 

Prodygia makes it easy for organizations to publish, bundle and sell their content digitally. The platform maintains their branding and complements their existing website. Think of us as the software you plug in to start your own digital content library and manage user access. See the list of features and plans here

How do you track conversions?

Conversions are tracked through your affiliate link provided by our affiliate tracking software. We'll notify you immediately when someone you've referred begins a free trial. 

Simple and straightforward win-win

Questions? Reach out anytime